After you took a hitch on a hover car at the downtown exit, you found an opportunity to get out and run once more. The 2nd stage as called is a construction yard filled with buildings under construction, construction equipment and debris. Run through buildings, over construction equipment and dash over cranes and building rooftops.

In this video: Classic Mode – Location: Construction Yard – Story Walkthrough

Video with Classic Mode – Construction Yard bonus levels will be coming soon – stay tuned!


Story 2-1

Tricks Needed – Barrel Fault, Obstacle Frontflip, Double Kong

Bonuses – 6

The First run within the construction yard after jumping off the hover car from the downtown are. This is where the first need for wall climbing and jumping is exhibited along with jumping over multiple thin structures and slowing down your speed.

Story 2-2

Tricks Needed – Spinning Vault, Double Kong, Bar Backflip

Bonuses – 8

Second part of the story. Run over newly constructed buildings which are currently unfinished. The stage might not be difficult in terms of collecting the bonuses but the Bar Backflip trick is found on a “tricky part where you needed to climb over the water tank than sliding underneath it.

Story 2-3

Tricks Needed – Bar Jump, Bar Backflip, Dash Vault

Bonuses – 9

The third part and another run over the newly constructed rooftops. At the late part, the bonuses are located on the way above another water tank.

Story 2-4

Tricks Needed – Railflip Vault, Dash vault, Air Bomb

Bonuses – 6

On the fourth part of construction yard, run from above the cranes down to the ground. The tricky parts are where some of the bonuses are found on the above parts where the ways are split by water tanks.

Story 2-5

Tricks Needed – Double Kong, Air Bomb, Split Vault

Bonuses – 6

Continue the run and now, from below to the heights of the building rooftops once more. Note the places where the jumps are needed to be calculated carefully to avoid landing on the wrong platform.

Story 2-6

Tricks Needed – Air Bomb, Split Vault, Descent Vault

Bonuses – 49

Run through the heights of the of the inclined pipelines as you collect the enormous amount of bonuses which could make one easily miss some if the jump trajectories don’t go the right way.

Story 2-7

Tricks Needed – Bar Blackflip, Descent Vault, Straight Legs Flip

Bonuses – 9

The seventh part is easy on the first look but the bonuses found above the construction materials lifted by cranes needs tricky maneuvers.

Story 2-8

Tricks Needed – Double Kong, Straight Legs Flip, Swallow

Bonuses – 8

One of the trickiest part of the story where some of the bonuses are placed in a confusing manner. You need to shuttle back and forth in the middle of the stage while evading “Big Brother” who is chasing you as you collect the bonuses.

Story 2-9

Tricks Needed – Dash Vault, Swallow, Fold Flip

Bonuses – 14

The ninth part is rather a short stage where there lays a set of bonuses which can easily be accessed from below. It would be too late when you see them when you gone above.

Story 2-10

Tricks Needed – Straight Legs Flip, Fold Flip, Flip and Roll

Bonuses – 7

The tenth and the hardest and trickiest part of the construction yard. You need to bolt through a maze inside a newly constructed and unfinished building full of dividers and scaffoldings where you can easily lose your way. The trick is to always go up and only down when you saw bonuses and go back up again afterwards.

Story 2-11

Tricks Needed – Barrel Vault, Flip and Roll, Boom Boom Shooh

Bonuses – 6

Don’t fret as this is the last part of the second chapter. The bonuses might be scarce but the obstacles are many. Pick yourself together after the free fall as a trick is a level below you. Reach the end of the stage and find out how he escaped from the construction yard.

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