You’re living in a world where everything is secure and in order. But you’re tired of this kind of system and you’re now running for your freedom in this thrilling mobile game called Vector. The goal is to make sure your character is running without stop until you reach the safety zone or exit. Every character is styled into vector animations for simple design. The game also features parkour system where you can use various stunts and tricks as you run, jump, or climb walls. You will be able to unlock new parkour stunts and even new maps as you progress.

One of the coolest-looking and (let’s face it) dangerous sports out there is parkour. There’s something about the surge of adrenalin that comes with the mad dash through urban sprawls, leaping and spinning through all sorts of different obstacles. The only problem though, is that for most of us we’re far too out of shape to even consider leaping a single fence, much less clearing fifteen foot drops and clinging to platforms with nothing but our fingertips. Enter Vector, a fun little platformer that brings you some great running fun right at your fingertips.

At first with a name like Vector, you’d expect it to maybe be some sort of sci-fi sort of game. Or alternatively, perhaps some boring “game” that actually teaches you about math or something. What it actually gives you though, is a running game with all sorts of platforming elements. It’s great fun, it looks great, and it’s an overall great game.

As aforementioned, the game looks great. The visuals are vector graphics (as the name would suggest) but they are not the cheap and hastily drawn vector graphics you might see in other games. Instead, these are fast, fluid, and really well-done. The fluidity of movement and the way in which the different sprites moves is actually rather evocative of Prince of Persia (the DOS era ones specifically) in that with a limited color palette and sprite size, the game is still able to give you that exhilarating sense of motion. Each of the jumps looks great, and though all of the interactive parts of the game are done in silhouettes, there is never any difficulty in seeing just what the characters are doing. Add to that the fancy backgrounds and lovely parallax effects, and you’ve got a real winner.

As with other running games, the controsl are fairly simple. You swipe in different directions to do different things, such as jumping platforms, sliding under obstacles, etc… Also like other running games, these controls are fairly easy to get a hang of at the start, but really mastering them takes some time and effort. Once you are able to master them though, running through the different levels is excellent fun. And if you want to do really well in the game, you’ll really have to get a hang of them along with the different tricks you can perform.

The game is a running game, but it’s not an endless runner. Each track has a specific start and end, with a non-random set of obstacles. This does perhaps decrease from the replay value a tad, but the tracks are often varied and interesting enough that that won’t be a problem for many play-throughs to come. What’s more, with the excellent music, great graphics, and steadily ascending challenge, you’ve got a game that will last you hours upon hours of fun.

And that just about wraps it up for this little review. If you’re looking for a fast-paced running game that packs a whole lot more fun and adrenaline than most other runners, then go on and give Vector a shot. It’s free and you’ll have hours of fun with it!



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