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I rank all Hatsune Miku Project Diva games to date as well as two other music/rhythm games in this list from worst to best!

Yes, that’s right! In order to do so, I show you guys what’s special about each games of this franchise, explaining strong and weak points of the games.
These two other games that are also part of the list? One is an Anime related game, the other one another game featuring a Vocaloid.
This video was tons of work, I recorded 99% of the footage myself, so support is appreciated very much!

I also bought new equipment, a new microphone for the voice-over parts, a new camcorder as well as soft boxes for better lighting. All of that was costly and I only do this as a hobby, so your contribution via Patreon would help a lot especially now! 😉

Well, I just hope you enjoy the video!
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I love Hatsune Miku and will provide you with more videos all about her in the future.
On that note I wish you a nice day!
Kevin from 39dearMIKU
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