Main trailer for movie “#TheWerewolfGameLovers” #人狼ゲームラヴァーズ. Starring #SeikaFuruhata #古畑星夏 ,#JunyaIkeda #池田純矢, #AiMoritaka #森高愛,#YukiSaso #佐生雪, #YuyaHirata #平田雄也,#MegumiMizoguchi #溝口恵 & #KokiMaeda #前田航基 」 #AsianWiki
Contestants in “The Werewolf Game” have to kill each other to win. These contestants have experience in similar slaughter games. Ranko Takano (Seika Furuhata) is one of the participants. She takes part to help a family mired in dept. New positions of “Cupid” and “Lover” are added.
Release Date: January 28, 2017
Runtime: 108 min.
Genre: Death Game / Suspense
1. Based on the novel “Jinro Gemu” by Ryo Kawakami (published July 25, 2013 by Takeshobo).
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