Backed by popular demand! 🙂 My first The Incredible Machine Gameplay video is my most viewed video, so I decided to give you guys another gameplay video of it. If anyone wanted to watch my full walkthrough of this game, here is the first part:
You can find the full playlist here:

The Incredible Machine was originally programmed by Kevin Ryan, and produced by Jeff Tunnell. All versions of The Incredible Machine are published by Sierra Entertainment.

The objective of the game is to create what’s called a “Rube Goldberg Machine”, where a very simple task is made very complicated. Players can end up having a wide range of items to a small amount of items to help them.
Items that may be used include, basketballs, bowling balls and cannonballs, to ramps, walls, and conveyor belts, to flashlights, magnifying glasses and cannons.

EDIT: Here is something I learned that will help speed up ANY laggy DOS game, simply press the key combination Ctrl + F12 multiple times until the game is fast enough. What this sequence does is it increases the number of CPU cycles. Again, this does help speed up the game, but keep in mind it will use more CPU usage.


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