Greetings, audience!

Today I present to you, Tai’Kin – Ellydium Recon role ship of the Interceptor class.

The purpose of this rather long video is to explain some things, especially if you are eager to explore or complete daily Open Space assignments, preferably with the Premium license, in which case you will earn more enriched monocrystals faster and with more ease. If you’re careful, you will not die at all.

I got very low death ratio in Open Space with this build and ship.
Remember, the primary focus is to explore and collect resources, use the Cargo drone to transfer your loot.

You will fly with this ship in constant stealth unless if you get too close to the enemy to get engaged or identified visually.

Modules are set and tuned on survival alone, ensuring a fast and quick escape, if needed, while still providing sufficient firepower to combat potential threats.

All in all, this is the best ship in the game that you can hope to get for Open Space exploration right now.

Leave me a comment, if you have some questions.


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