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Updated 2013.08.06
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data: SDcard/Android/Data
Version: 2.2
Size: 11 MB
Required: Android 2.1 and up
Developers: Outfit7
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Android Game Hacks

Tom is back with an all new adventure!
✔ You can now customize Toms appearance
by buying him accessories like soccer
uniforms, hats, sunglasses and lots more.
✔ Make Tom look like a police officer,
pirate, construction worker or a cowboy.
✔ You can shop for accessories with gold
coins. You can buy gold coins or get them for
✔ You get 25 gold coins if you open the app
every day.
✔ You get 200 gold coins for every push
notification you receive. Make sure you
subscribe to push notifications!
PLEASE NOTE: When running the app for the
first time you will be required to download
additional 5-39 MB to get the best graphics
quality for your device.
Tom is back with an all new adventure! Tom
is your cat that responds to your touch and
repeats everything you say in a funny voice.
Since Tom is now an


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