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New in Version 2.0.0
[Dino Rampage Crisis]
This time Dave and his party came to the Jurassic 100 million years ago, no, perhaps 10,000 years ago, the primitive society, but also may be a modern isolated island … …
This is not important, anyway, there are a lot of dinosaurs! There are many original zombies!

[Dave! Come visit! ]
Raptor, Stegosaurus, Pterodactyl, Aaron, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and Pterodactylum. These dinosaurs will get you into battle with zombies (in fact you and zombies get into their territory).
Penny analysis, although the dinosaurs here will help the zombie unconsciously, but did not take the initiative to attack the idea of ​​plants, and find ways to get along with them may make dinosaurs become our helper.
Prehistoric survival of the first rule: Do not tamper with dinosaur eggs!

[Prehistoric allies enthusiastically joined]
Many modern plants can find their original distant relatives, the original sunflower can produce large sunlight, the original pea shooter spit out bullets can repel ordinary zombies, potato mines, nuts, the king spent their original distant relatives, as well as mysterious perfume Mushrooms, dragon roar grass and thorn grass, said they can and dinosaurs for some special interaction.

[Strong insert update prompt]
1, the number of pendant field increased to 120, we can store more pendant ~
2, all plants can be installed in the Penny shop to buy, go and see it!
3, see here are iron! Give you a package code: hysfwldrea
(Click on the upper left corner of the picture, fill in your personal information can be seen after the pack exchange button, enter the exchange code to get mysterious rewards Oh!

[Endless challenges reinstall on-line]
Combine your plant lineup and join the challenge!
Endless challenges open regularly, each issue has a different theme, through as many points to win awards and higher ranking, in the store for rare rewards it!
Tips: In the course of endless challenges, the number of available plants per plant is limited. Collect as many plants as you can and expand your reserve force!

[Five steps to the]
Now there are already some plants can be fifth-order Orders it! Fifth-order plants in addition to basic properties to enhance, it will have a new special skills!
Including the pea shooter, cabbage pitcher, machine gun pea, flame flower queen, corn cannon, cannon master and the vast majority of dinosaur crisis new plants can rise five bands, go and try it!
L order needs a special “culture”, only in the “endless challenge” in the store to redeem to Oh!

[Full Enhancement of Plant Family]
The same plant family of five plants, sharing up to two family property bonus every day, the number of free refresh attribute Oh, do not waste ~
You can in the lower right corner of the main interface of the “plant” button to find the “plant family”, go and see it!

[Transgenic turning waste into treasure]
Too much useless plant debris? Come here to synthesize more advanced debris it, maybe there will be an unexpected harvest yo!


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