“Video Game” Official Music Video by MattyBRaps featuring Ivey & JB!


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Ok, life is what we play
We just level up like a video game
Like a, like a video game
Jumping over everything in our way, ok

MattyB – Verse 1
She said she’d never date a rapper
Hold up, hold up – woah
You sound like Pinocchio
You are welcome in my castle
But you cannot touch the gold
They say why you tryna floss
I say baby I’m a boss (hold up)
Get up on my level
See the fire on my flow
If you boujee then we gucci
If you moody it’s the door
Better press start
Main mission to inspire
Multi player song
Why? Cause we building the empire even higher


JB – Verse 2
If life is a game
I’m a super hero
I save all the commas
I chase all of zeros
I’m from outter space
I gotta blend in
I don’t wear a red cape though
Just a MCM
Hold up, hold up, reload
These haters are weak bro
We play life on expert
You need all the cheat codes
If life is a game
Then I pack a flame thrower
I just (brrr brrr)
Now this verse is game over


Ivey Meeks – Verse 3
Baby, I’m a bad chick
Blonde hair, classic
Pass me the controller
And you know I’ll super smash it
We don’t your average
This combo fantastic
Stay ballin so hard
They think we play for the Mavericks
The Mavericks? The Mavericks
Stay shoppin on plastic
I could switch it up
And these haters can’t get passed it
If life is a game, I’m a gamer chick
Got my name on the high score of this greatest hit



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