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As with most sport franchises, the biggest hurdle that faces WWE 2K17 is what it can do to justify another annual purchase. Sometimes in such cases developers are forced to iterate as opposed to completely change the foundations. This is exactly what 2K has been doing for the last few years, and 2K17 is, arguably, the best of these miniature jumps.

While there may be some people who are disappointed by which modes have been included this time around – and we’ll get to that in due course – what matters most is how it plays. In that regard, 2K17 is the best version released by the company to date.

Since every move in a wrestling match should feel like it hurts, the pace of the game has been slowed right down – and it’s all the better for it. The impact of a bodyslam as someone is hurled into the mat is instantly apparent, and that goes for all manner of moves as well. Somewhat wonderfully, wrestlers actually sell these manoeuvrers, too, which is a far cry from when they’d leap back up to their feet regardless of what punishment had just been dealt out.

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