We finally unboxed our copy of Beyblade Burst Battle Zero! We had it sitting around for a while, but we really wanted to get the Bey out and into our collection. On top of that, the Christmas holidays are perfect for binge gaming!

This version is Japanese only, so it’s a bit hard to navigate through everything, but the gameplay is not bad at all. There’s over 40 characters that you can play with/against. Make your character, battle, gather Bey parts and customize! This game goes through all 3 seasons of the series, so you have to start from the very beginning.

Releasing this game on the Nintendo Switch was a good call in our opinion, because you get to interact a bit more with the actual battling. Using the joy-con controllers, you can twist and turn to tweak your launch. Pull back hard for a powerful and you’ll max out your spin speed. The game does remind us of the official Beyblade Burst app a little bit, but with even more mechanics to learn. Overall, pretty fun game!

Of course, getting Shining Amaterios is a huge plus. If you didn’t get the Destroy Dash Driver from Random Booster, you can buy this game for the guaranteed part. Now, if you want just the Driver, this might be an expensive way to do it. If you want both, this is definitely good bang for your buck!

Whatcha guys think of this game and the new Shining Amaterios?! Should we upload more gameplay and battles in the game? Let us know!

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